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Preparation of the rope

Remeber, my choice is centred towards the Polyethyelene twisted in 8 spindles, large strands, large threads because I quickly want to make a gangline, solid, repairable and above all not to be bothered by it...
There are serveal ways of splicing the end of a cord and rather than directly imposing my choice on you, you will find hereafter the different techniques to make the end of gangline loops or splicing on the cord itself.
For the tools, I use a heated knife to cut the cord, aluminium needles, a large diameter splicing fid to splice the cord and a rigid ruler for the measuring.
I will expain the reasons which made me opt for a loop or a splice rather than another the length of this fabrication method.
Once the cord has been cut, use a lighter or blowtorch to melt all the ends of the cord so as to be able to knit the threads together.
Smooth with the extremities your fingers (BE CAREFUL it’s hot !!!) so as to make a cone (a point) with the melted extremités, that will simplify the work when you thread the cord in the needles but also when the extremities have to be hidden inside the cord itself.

Cutting and fusing

When you pass the cartridge nozzle, the needles or splicing rid, take care to insert them each time between 2 spindles (1) of cord and not between the threads (2).


1 / Passage between the spindles, GOOD.            2 / Passage between the threads, NOT GOOD.

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