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Assembling the diverse lines between themselves

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The Tools | The materials | Preparation | Splicing and loops | Assembling the diverse lines between themselves | Line lengths | Example for 5 dogs | Tricks And Ideas …

  • Center line with Center line
  • Mounting of the snaps on the lines
  • Center line with tug or neck line
  • Using the splicer

  • Center line with Center line

    Pass a loop into the other "slip knot" way,

    the last image shows your final assembly with tug lines and neck lines mounted.

    You can also use aquick link…
    Good luck in demounting it when it’s frozen or rusted !

    Center line with tug or neck line

    Pass a loop into the other "slip knot" way,

    tug line in the gangline,


    put into position, tug line towards the front,
    it’s finished...

    Mounting of the snaps on the lines

    Pass the loop of the cord in the swivel of the snap,

    pass the head of the snap in the loop,

    tighten, it’s finished…

    It is possible to mount the snap directly onto the line when making the loop, but it is not very practical above all if you have to demount this assembly afterwards.

    Using the splicer

    When you make up the different assemblies you will certainly have to pass a loop which has already been made through another line, each time you make a line with a loop at each extremity, for example.

    Depending on the diameter of the cord you can bend the loop so as it enters into a larger needle.
    If you work with a very large cord, for a hiking line for example, it’s here that the splicer intervenes.

    Impossible Mission...

    The splicer

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