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The "Pusher" for runners

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Numerous sleds are equiped with quick change runners Q.C.R® = Quick Change Runner.
The runners have few grip points, to simplify the mounting and demouting of these runners, a small accessory, "the pusher", reveals itself to be very practical above all when the plastic pinches the rail or when the mounting has been done without the use of paraffine.
To make a pusher, you will need a piece of wood, Length 10 cm / Width 38 m/m depth 45 m/m, a drill equipped with a Ø 5 m/m drill, 2 6 x 50 m/m bolts and the key needed to tighten the bolts.
Most quick change runners are drilled with 1 to 2 holes on the front side.

The following photos were taken with Q.C.R® runners having a width of 38m/m.

1 / Find the front of a runner

2 / Mesure the holes between the axe ( here 25 m/m )

3 / On the face of the 38 m/m piece of wood, trace a line to 30 m/m from one of the two ends. From this line, copy the measure from the middle axe ( here 55 m/m to the end, 30 + 25).

4 / Trace the axe from the face of the 38 m/m ( that is 19 m/m).

5 / Drill from end to end using a Ø 5 m/m drill over your tracing.

6 / Insert the two 6 x 50 bolts and screw them tightly.

7 / The two extremities of the bolts should be longer than the piece of wood ( app. 5m/m)

8 / Insert the two extremities of the bolts in the runners’ holes

9 / Use the piece of wood like a stopper to push or pull your runners.
This piece of wood will help you to hold the runners.

If the runners only have one hole, only one bolt will be necessary.

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