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Yuk !!!

You must certainly know the disagreeable habit our dogs have of digging holes in the ground looking for…. I don’t know what, and then making these holes even bigger.
Attention certain holes (bigger than others) are used by the dogs to find a cool place to lie, in the bottom of them, in the summer or to partially protected from the wind in the winter.
To be able to recognize these particular holes you just have to see the dog go and lie down rolled up in it. A hole of this type should be left for the dogs comfort.
To cut short this desire to make your garden a minefield the trick is to recuperate one or two dogs mess and put them at the bottom of the holes before filling it in.
The desire to make the hole bigger will be stopped dead once your dog has put his paws in the mess... Yuk !
Attention, do not put too much mess, this operation should be made only punctually to avoid being found with a field of mess and... the odors and parasites which go with.

A Small "Snap"

When connecting a dog, make sure you hear a ‘snap’ from the snap ring when you release the thumb spring…The ‘snap’ will be your aural indication that the snap has closed properly.

Setting of non-slip footpads on the scooter footboard

When there is mud, if your scooter footboard doesn't offer enough grip, we propose you to make a small improvement :
Setting of non-slip footpads on the scooter footboard
Supplies :
8 x Non-slip footpads.
8 x Screws, stainless steel, drilled head 5 x 30 mm.
8 x Washers, stainless steel 5 x 15 mm.
8 x Nylstop nuts Ø 5 mm.


1 - Take out the footboard of the scooter frame.
2 - Draw the marks for drilling :
35 mm from every sides.
From frame side, tracing 6, 14, 22, 33 cm.


3 - Drill with a Ø 5 mm bit.


4 - Set up the non-slip footpads with the screws, washers and nuts.
You can also place the double-sided sticker "thin foam" below every non-slip footpad in order to avoid that they don't turn on themselves.

Set up

For a better attraction you can center the points of the non-slip footpads in a different way, see pictures.

Different axles

5 - Reassemble the footboard on the scooter frame.

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