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Very Hot Inside !!!

When you leave your dog/s in your car even with the windows open or in a dog box, the temperature of the ambient air can be 100 % superior than outside...

Heat flush is guaranteed !
With for principal effect the death of the dog/s inside.

The Black & White whisky

For amateurs...
BLACK & WHITE whisky was created by James BUCHANAN approximately 100 years ago. After having found his formula, BUCHANAN looked to valorize it. Firstly, he sold his whisky in a black bottle with a white label from where the name BLACK & WHITE comes from.
Then, the two small dogs appeared as a motif on the label in 1850 after James BUCHANAN saw a canine show which the stars were, of course, 1 black Scottish Terrier and a white Westie ..
If whisky should be drunk in moderation...
The dogs should be petted without moderation...

The Alaskan Service Postal

Until the arrival of trains and modern transport such as aircraft and skidoos, the post was delivered in the northern states of America by sled dogs.
Worthy substitutes of the southern "Pony Express" were the sled dogs who, braved blizzards and the extreme cold, bringing the post to the most receded towns and villages such as Dawson City, White Horse...
It was thanks to the action of dog teams that a small town in the north west of Alaska, Nome, owed the survival of all its inhabitants.
In 1925, a serious epidemic of diphtheria hit this small town.
At Anchorage, at the other end of the country, an S.O.S. was received, where they were already preparing vials of the serum.
The first part of the journey was by train to Nenana. From Nenana to Nome, there was still1000 Kms to travel. The best Alaskan Service Postal dog teams relayed day and night.
At midnight the 28th January 1925 with a temperature of – 40° the first team left for the first stage.
On the advice of a head doctor, the precious cargo had to be constantly reheated.
More than twenty teams relayed arriving completely drained and t the limit of exhaustion at each stage.
The team before last, overturned by a gust of wind during the night, lost its cargo in the snow, the conductor searched in the snow around by hand and finished by finding it....
In an ultimate effort, the last team arrived at Nome the 2nd February in the morning.
1080 Kms covered in 127 hours and 30 minutes.
At midday the distribution of the serum started.
On the 21st February Nome was no longer in quarantine...

A true story, to such a point tat a dog, leader of one of the teams, "BALTO", has his statue in Central Park  (New-York) in souvenir and gratitude for his bravery during this frantic race for life.

We’ll dedicate several pages to Balto and Togo in a while.

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