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Make a quick release snap

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Make a quick release snap (panic strap) for 2 to 4 dogs is rather easy.

Quick release snap

You need 1 panic snap with fixed ring, 18 cm (length) of 10 mm strap , a drill with a 4 mm metal drill bit drill, 1 4X25 mm bolt, 2 washers 4 X 10 (or 4 x12), 1 nylon bolt.
It is best to use stainless screws and bolts if the quick disconnect is intended for use in wet or snow conditions.

1 - Drill a hole through the original rivet in the outside housing collar, drill bit 4 mm.

Remove the the rivet

2 - Remove the the rivet however pay attention not to lose the spring located inside the housing collar  !

3 - Cut the 18cm strap and fold it over to create a handle then pierce a hole through the material, 1 cm from the end, using a heated awl (a heated nail will work also).

Webbing & hole

4 - Through this hole, insert the screw with associated washer.

5 - Reassemble the panic snap WITH the spring in its original location. Make sure to place the finger hook facing upwards.

Finger hook facing upwards

6 - Put the screw with attached strap assembly back thru the panic snap housing. You must compress the spring with a flathead screwdriver in order to pass the screw through to the other side.

Nylon bolt

7 - Finish by installing a washer and the nylon bolt. Tighten just enough to secure the bolt ionto the screw. Do not over tighten as the disconnect is made of alloy metals.

If you prefer to purchase the quick disconnect already modified…it’s HERE

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