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The hollow braided rope

Several types of hollow braided rope are available in shops, they differ as much by the choice of material used as by the way of twisting the cord during its fabrication.

The material and the cords’ twisting depends, as for every time something is made, on the use it is intended for.


1) Polypropylene :
the + / flowing material UV resistant
the - / bad resistance to abrasion, becomes breakable when cold.

2) Polyethylene :
the + / material resistant to cold and abrasion
the - / bad UV resistance.

To make hollow cord the elements which make it up must be clarified:
- the strands
- the spindles
The strands are as many small threads grouped together, but not twisted, which make up a spindle.
The more the material is "fragile" and the more threads there will be to make up a strand ( the most significant exemple is the "water skiing" cord of which the Polypropylene threads are fine like hairs).
You will also find and each time " twisted cord in 8, 16 or in 24 spindles".
So to differentiate the fabrication of hollow the cord, the number of strands must be verified, the fineness of the strands making it up
A strand, and how many spindles.
For each different use, a different cord will be used.

If you don’t want to go crazy with the choice and types of cord to be used, the easiest thing to do is to trust
a professionnel who will guide you in your choice and give you the best quality / price ratio for the use desired.

In the explications which follow we’ll use a cord with a twisting of 8 spindles, large strands, large threads.


From left to right:

- Detail 16 spindles, fine strands, fine threads, water skiing

- Detail 16 spindles, fine strands, large threads

- Detail 8 spindles, large strands, large threads

Hollow braided rope 8 and 16 strands

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