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Then you’ll have to think of where you will stock these future lines, a very small practical thing :
Pass a piece of small cord approximately Ø 2 m/m, 20 cm, through the central line and at the head of the tug line snaps, position tightened.

Make a little loop, knot and burn the extremities of the cord.

Now you only have to attatch the 2 tug line snaps on this little loop of cord before putting away your gangline.


To stock your ganglines the most simple is to roll them up .
At the end of the season, think about cleaning your ganglines before putting them away.
Soak them for 1 day in clear water, shaking energetically every hour which will have the effect of emptying  "emptying" the hollow cord and the snaps with all they contain, dust, mud, stones etc… and will allow you to verify the good upkeep of all the elements.
It is not advisable to drink the mixture obtained after soaking !!!!

You already have a gangline ?

If your dogs often pass their front paws in the center lines or in the neck lines it’s because their harnesses are too long and their length must be ajusted.
Opposingly if your dogs seem "hung" in the line it’s because the length of their harness is too short.
If you find that only the  central line drags on the ground it’s because the lengths of the central line/tug line do not "agree".

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